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From the Massis Pipes Website Nick Ramaekers is a Belgian pipemaker living in the province of Limburg, who has been making pipes since 2011.

In his own words: "My experience in woodworking began at age 22 when I decided that rather than buy, I'd make my own terrarium for our new pet, a bearded dragon.

Being an IT-graduate ment I had no prior experience in woodworking, but I used my degree to good results with the wonders of the internet. A cordless drill was bought and 6 years later our beardy still happily lives in his terrarium.

After I took up pipesmoking, I quickly realised the value of beautiful, handmade pipes. Like many starting carvers I decided I would be able to make myself a good looking pipe at a much better price than those available.

With my first pipe kit, I quickly discovered this was about as far from the truth as could be, but I had found myself a new passion: pipemaking. Over the last years I've invested more time and money into this hobby and my workshop, and have been steadily increasing my skill as a carver of handmade pipes.

As a husband and father of 2, my free time is limited and has to be split between pipemaking and my other passion: underwater hockey. This means I only produce a handful of pipes every year, looking for quality instead of quantity."

Smooth billiard with african blackwood

Contact Information:

Carver: Nick Ramaekers
Location: Limburg, Belgium