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Josef Prammer
Briar Pipes
Briar Pipe with Bamboo Shank
Morta Pipe
Combined Morta & Briar Pipe
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Josef Prammer is a skilled toolmaker and a passionate pipe smoker. Born in 1953, he started carving pipes in 1993. What started as a hobby soon became a second profession. He makes about 250 pipes a year. Additionally, he carries out repairs for Austrian specialist shops.

He creates tobacco pipes from briar and, as a real rarity, also from fossilized oak (Morta). His pipes are unique because they are carved exclusively by hand. One of the remarkable features of his pipes is the particularly careful workmanship.

Briar: Josef's briar pipes are carved exclusively from high quality wood obtained from the high plains in Calabria. The form of the pipe is dictated by the wood grain.

Bog Oak(Morta): This oak wood has lain for several thousand years in a swamp. Due to a lack of oxygen the wood was unable to rot, therefore it got this attractive natural black colour. The high silicate enhances the smoking qualities. Morta is a rare material and can only be discovered during archeological excavations. It is a very delicate material and can crack when dried. Sometimes only fragments can be used for carving. The fossilized wood he obtains from local archeological sites.

Morta & Briar Combined: These pipes are fascinating because of their exceptional combination of morta oak and briar, silver or other materials. For these kinds of pipes he uses Morta with less silicate.

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