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Jonas Rosengren was born in 1972 and lives with his wife, Kicki and two sons in the city of Halmstad, situated on the west coast of Sweden. Since childhood he has had a great interest in woodwork, and perhaps it is in his blood as many of his ancestors have been cabinetmakers. He tried a variety of professions until 2004, when he decided to become a teacher of woodworking.

Jonas Rosengren, from his website
Smooth Blowfish, courtesy Quality Briar

He originally took a great interest in making knives and it was a knife maker, Börje Thelberg, who got him interested in pipe-making, as he himself had a desire to make pipes. But he had not even smoked a pipe since his youth, and back then it was mainly corncobs. So at a visit to Gothenburg he bought a pipe (it was a Chacom) and a tin of tobacco, and in the beautiful surroundings of the local botanical gardens he smoked his first pipe in many years. And it was great!

He searched the web and discovered there were a lot of pipemakers in Sweden. He was especially happy to find that one of them, Gurra Markunger, lived in the same town. He paid Gurra a visit, which started the ball rolling quickly. He also visited Ronny Thunér, Bengt Carlson, Anders Nilsson and Martin Vollmer (Vollmer & Nilsson), and Love & Sara Geiger (Geiger Pipes). Like others, he astonished by the openness and helpfulness of these pipe makers, who willingly shared knowledge, gave advice, and helped him find the necessary tools and material to start building a workshop, which was ready in 2010.

Jonas visited the Chicago Pipe in May 2012 and was really happy with the great interest in his pipes.

Blasted Sitting Dublin, courtesy Quality Briar

His pipes are made from Mediterranean briar and the stems are handcut from ebonite. The pipes are available in a smooth or sandblasted finish, sometimes a combination of both, and they are stamped with his initials and the country of origin. Adornments from different kinds of wood, horn, bamboo and other materials may sometimes be used.

Jonas also makes ashtrays, pipe-stands, tampers and other things connected to pipe-smoking in various local and domestic kinds of wood.

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