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Sergey Dyomin, 52 years of age as of this writing (2014), spent his younger days in the military, having been stationed at the Baikonur Cosmodrome during the Soviet period. In 2002 he was attending an event of the St. Petersburg Pipe Club when he met Vladimir Grechukhin; by chance at this time Grechukhin had use for an apprentice, and so that was what Sergey became, for several years the two working together with Vladimir concentrating on design and Dyomin on learning and production. All of this took place before the founding of the PS Studio marque, today synonymous with "student of Grechukhin". As such it's no surprise that it's Sergey who today serves as the senior artisan of said marque, along, of course, with producing his own designs, under his own name. A particular passion of Sergey's is his keen interest in developing and refining techniques that allow for machining briar where, typically, no one else can figure out how to do something any way but freehand or with hand tools: creating a spherical tetrahedron form, for example, or turning a diamond shank with a lathe. While Vladimir Grechkhin's industrial/automotive design-inspired influence is clear in the works of Sergey, so too are aspects that are distinctly "Dyomin", particularly a flare for pushing stout and chubby shaping to an extreme, while still creating a beautiful and balanced form. Also clear is Sergey's great attention to detail and precision in engineering and stem-work.[1]