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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

Written by John C. Loring
Contributed by Yang Forcióri


1953CatODA.jpg 1951CatODA.jpg
801 Belge, Cocked bowl 805 Skater (CH)

802 Bent Antique with spur (42601)
1952CatODA.jpg ODA802-1978-42601composite (1).jpg

806 Apple, Tapered Bit"
Oda806-1967 002.jpg ODa806new.jpg Oda806-1967 003.jpg
Oda806W-Root-1966 004.jpg Oda806W-Root-1966 005.jpg

821 Danish Bent (32541)
2TaylorFakeODAs.jpg Oda831-821plus.jpg

Oda830-1988.jpg Oda841-1961 v 265.jpg
830 Liverpool (61110). 841 Lovat (61111)

831, Bent, Cocked bowl (42541)
1961CatODA.jpg 1965CatODA.jpg ODA831.jpg Oda odb831 bruyere 1953.jpg

832, Lovat (6210)
49 ODA832.jpg Oda832s-LB.jpg ODA832-1964.jpg

834, Prince (61071)
Oda834-Bryere-1952 006.jpg ODa834new.jpg Oda834-Bryere-1952 007.jpg

835 Billiard, Tapered Bit (62032)
75D002.jpg 1977CatGrp6a.jpg 1979CatGrp6.jpg
Oda835-bruyere.JPG ODa835new.jpg Oda835-S-1975 008.jpg

836 Square Panel & Shank (61241)
Oda836-shellpair.jpg Oda836-topped.JPG Oda836.jpg Oda836-s-1975a.jpg
Oda836goldbearsweep.jpg Oda6836-S-1975b.jpg Oda836-B-1972b.jpg Oda836-s-1975b.jpg

837 Bulldog (62041)
ODa837new (1).jpg Oda837-r-1975a (1).jpg Oda837-r-1975b (1).jpg
Oda837-rb-1974a (1).jpg Oda837-rb-1974b.jpg Oda837-s-1974b (1).jpg

838, Rhodesian, Straight Diamond Shank (64171)
ODa838new.jpg Oda838-s-1971a.jpg Oda838-s-1971b.jpg

839, Rhodesian, Quarter Bent Diamond Shank (62081)
Oda839-r-1969a.jpg Oda839-r-1969b.jpg

840, Bent Billiard (6202)
ODa840new.jpg Oda840-1985.jpg

842 & 6806, Apple, Saddle Bit (6101)
Oda842.jpg Oda6806-842.jpg

843 & 6835, Billiard, Saddle Bit (63032)
Oda843-1974.jpg Oda843-r-1975bQuestion.jpg Oda6835.jpg Oda6835-67shell.jpg

844 Poker
ODA Poker 1964small.jpg

845, Canadian, Large Bowl (61092)
1975CatODAb.jpg Oda1978-canadian.jpg OdaTwoGoldWindCaps.jpg

847, Rhodesian, Quarter Bent, Round Shank (62082)
Oda847-r-1967a.jpg Oda847-r-1967b.jpg

848, Dublin (6105)
Oda848-73red.jpg Oda848-r-1967a.jpg Oda848-r-1967b.jpg Oda848new.jpg

849, Stacked Billiard.

850 Canadian, Small Bowl.
1968CatODA.jpg Oda850-b-1964a.jpg Oda850-b-1967a.jpg
Oda850-b-1967b.jpg Oda850-s-1969a.jpg Oda850-s-1969b.jpg

853 Pot (61061).
1976CatGrp6.jpg 1977CatGrp6b.jpg ODA853-80s.jpg
Oda853-1971-1.jpg Oda853-1971-2.jpg Oda853-1971-3.jpg
Oda853-b-1964a.jpg Oda853-b-1964b.jpg Oda853-r-1974a.jpg
Oda853-r-1974b.jpg Oda853-s-1971a.jpg Oda853-s-1971b.jpg

855, Canadian, Large Bowl, Extra Long
Oda855-1974.jpg Oda855-845compare.jpg Oda855-1975composite.jpg

856,Stack Billiard.
Oda856.jpg Oda856question.jpg Oda849-856 (1).jpg

857,Bent Brandy.
Oda857.jpg Oda857-b-1975a.jpg Oda857-b-1975b.jpg

866, Square Bowl.

  • shape number in parentheses indicates that the same shape has later been found under that shape number, however, under the Dunhill shape number system a shape number can encompass a number of similar but differing shapes. Thus, for instance, a pipe stamped 61032 may be but not necessary is the equivalent an 835.

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