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About Teddy Knudsen[1]

Teddy Knudsen in his workshop, image by Lars Kiel

Production per year: About 100

Teddy Knudsen is a true artist, a man who puts all his talent into every pipe he makes. Only top quality pipes - both aesthetically and functionally perfect - leaves his shop. No matter if it's a magnificent freehand or a “simple” sandblasted billiard, you can be sure it is perfect in every way.

Teddy has been a professional pipe maker with his own workshop since 1970. From the very start of his career, his pipes has been in high demand – especially in Germany, Switzerland, USA and Japan. Many of his pipes are sold before they are even made.

Teddy specializes in his own style, a style recognizable to collectors as distinctly his. He works as much as possible with the wood's own grain. The pipe's shape and the wood grain always complement each other in harmonious pipes where the shape of the pipe blends perfectly along with the grain pattern of the wood - almost as if Mother Nature herself had decided how the pipe should look.

When making pipes, Teddy works in several stages. He finds that it is better to work a little on the pipe and then let it rest for a while. He often has several pipes in different stages on the workbench. There are pipes that just need a little more sanding by hand and then the final staining. Others need mouthpieces and still others that need to be worked on a lot before they really take shape. Teddy only works on a pipe when he get the inspiration for it. He has pipes that has been in the process for the past three or four years. He knows that they'll be beautiful pipes and he never forget how he wants them to look. “I could rush the process but then I wouldn’t be making the best pipes possible." - he says.

Teddy selects his briar very carefully from his supplier “Mimmo” on the north western coast of the Italian mainland, in Taggia. He drives there to handpick the blocks, typically buying 200 blocks per year. Only three to five percent of these ends up in the trash and only about 20 are sandblasted. All wood is air-dried in his shop, sitting on shelves until it is dry enough to work with.

Most of Teddy's pipes are very lightly stained – due to the high quality of the wood - which means that most of the pipes are so 'clean' that he don't need to hide anything with a darker stain. The light stain that he use leaves the wood with the same color as when it just leaves the ground.

Teddy is using a sanding disk to form the pipe – first the front and bottom of the pipe, then the sides. After that, he drills the tobacco chamber - from 19 to 2 1 mm in diameter. The mortise is also drilled at this time, with special care to get both the tobacco chamber and mortise aligned in a straight line. The air hole is always drilled to 3.5 millimeters, but not until the shape of the pipe is finally formed.

Teddy’s mouthpieces are very distinctive and are one of his trademarks. At least four hours is spent on getting the right shape and balance in a mouthpiece. He start with hand files and then go over to various grits of sandpaper and finally end by using a buffing wheel. Teddy use only solid ebonite of the highest quality. Any decoration-such as bone, Pokkenholt, horn or cultured amber is glued to the ebonite. It is important to form both materials as one piece.

Teddy writes about himself[2]

Teddy Knudsen, image by Lars Kiel

My name is Teddy Knudsen and I was born September 21th 1947 in South Zealand in Denmark. I am educated as a cabinetmaker in 1967 and from October 1967 until October 1968 I was a guard soldier in The Danish Air Force, stationed on a radarstation. I started to make pipes to the staff in my off duty time and they were sold as soon as they were finished. This was how I found out that pipes should be my life.

My present status as a pipe maker is this:

I live in the city of Aarhus. I have a workshop at: Godthaabsgade 16, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark, Phone/Fax: +45 86 18 05 21, mail:

From this workshop the pipes continue to be sold to the most well reputated pipe shops in Austria, Italy, Germany, Japan and USA.

The pipes are made of Corsican and Mediterranean Briar. I import the briar myself and also sell briar to other pipemakers.

Mouthpieces are made out of ebonite. Other materials I use for the pipes are: Horn, Pokkenholt, Silver, Gold, Artificial Amber, Boxwood and Olive Wood which is my favorite.

My eagle stamp is a special quality stamp for the best and the most valuable of my pipes.


Contact information:

A selection of Teddy Knudsen pipes is available at CIGARWORLD, a new Pipedia Underwriter

Home - and Postal address:
Teddy Knudsen
Dalvangen 3
8270 Hoejbjerg
Phone: +45 8627 4128
Teddy on

Godthaabsgade 16,
8000 Aarhus C.
Phone/fax: +45 8618 0521

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