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Waybe Teipen-- The following information is from Wayne's website:

Each Teipen (pronounced typin) Handmade Briar Pipe is hand crafted by me, Wayne Teipen, in the small town of Cloverdale, Indiana. My work hours afford me a lot of free time for my hobbies and part time endeavors. I took up pipe smoking and collecting.

Teipen Sandblasted Poker

I decided to try to fashion my own pipe out of a predrilled block from PIMO mostly out of curiousity and the inner desire to create. The only tools I had at the time was a Dremel, a couple files and rasps, and some sandpaper. To my suprise and delight, my first pipe actually resembled something smokeable. Despite my limited knowledge and tooling at the time, I fell in love with the process and found an outlet for my creative side.

Like most things I commit myself to, I immersed myself in researching anything I could find related to pipemaking and absorbed it like a sponge. With the information gleened from the internet like Tyler Lane Beard’s website and pipemakersforum.com I began upgrading my tools and taught myself the skills necessary to make quality handmade pipes.

I currently make around 70 to 80 pipes per year, focusing on quality rather than quantity.

Contact Information:

Wayne Teipen
Teipen Handmade Briar Pipes
Website: http://www.teipenpipes.com
3363 East CR 900 S.
Cloverdale, IN 46120
Phone: (765) 720-3859
E-mail: wayne@teipenpipes.com