Dr. Plumb's

The Dr. Plumb's brand name is owned by A. Oppenheimer & Co., Limited, owners of Cadogan Investments, Ltd.. J.B. Rubinovich, GBD's Parisian sales manager, created this brand in 1925. The pipes was produced by the Ruchon & Verguet and also Ropp factories (Saint-Claude, France). In 1962 a Dr. Plumb's pipe sold for between C$3.95 and C$4.95, or $31.72 in 2015 U.S. dollars, and pipes can still be purchased from this brand for a similar price today.

These pipes have long been advertised as Dr. Plumb's Perfect Pipe, that name coming from an aluminum tube system designed to keep the smoke cool and dry while at the same time permitting the "cooling chamber" to be cleaned by simply twisting the stem. While Dr. Plumb's pipes were long made in France and stamped accordingly, they are now British made.

John Edward Plumb, son of Leslie Watts Plumb, writes the following in regards to the Dr. Plumb's pipes:

I am the son of the late Leslie Watts Plumb, FCA. Before World War II, he managed the business affairs of a smoking pipe factory Verguet Freres/ Marechal Ruchon at St Claude in the French Jura Mountains... where his Plumb Family lived in a flat adjacent to the factory premises.

He lent his name to the Dr Plumb Smoking Pipe & I had always understood that he played a part in its promotion & design of the pipe's unique aluminum cooling filter system. I was not aware of the 1925 contribution made by J.B.Rubinovich, GBD's Parisian Sales Manager... mentioned in your Web-site Article....

For your further interest, I further attach* (plumb-russi 04) a copy of a 01/10/1940 Article in the Magazine called "TOBACCO" featuring... "Dr." Plumb of the Pipes.

Yours truly... JOHN EDWARD PLUMB, FCA CTA [Retired]

Several Catalog pages from a Circa 1950s Oppenheimer Pipes Catalog featured Dr. Plumb's pipes.