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Eric Klodt, from his website: "Drawn to pipes by my anachronistic nature, I became a pipe smoker and enthusiast in 2005. Soon thereafter, I stumbled upon the world of high grade pipes and was astonished by the artistry and expression of the briar pipe.

Eric Klodt, courtesy
Bamboo Cutty, courtesy
Partially Blasted Bent Rhodesian, courtesy

Amazed by the smoking qualities and intrigued by the workmanship, I began researching the art of pipe making.

Fortunately, I have been allowed to study the craft while watching over the shoulders of such great pipe makers as Rad Davis, Grant Batson, Nate King, and Michael Lindner, learning the techniques and tools required to sculpt beautiful handmade smoking pipes.

Today, I strive to continually hone my craft as a pipe artisan." Courtesy,

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