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Micoli were made by Robert Eugene Burns, Long Beach, CA. Burns carved pipes in his unique and unmistakable way at least from the early 1970's. Last news about him dates from November 2001, when his son Ryan Burns answered to inquires that his father is still very much alive and is in excellent health and he seemed interested that people are still asking about his work.

The signature of Burns' work is the specific way of rustication he worked out using a Dremel power tool. (The Dremel had been introduced to pipemaking by Teddy Knudsen.) An award winning collection of 130+ Micoli pipes is offered at PipeStyle - please take a look!

Micoli EO01.jpg

Burns / Micoli also made the E. Oslo pipes. These can be considered his entry-level pipes as he did not carve these from scratch but rather purchased run-of-the-mill standard shapes from Italian and English pipe makers, such as Savinelli and Comoy's, and dremeled his signature magic on them. The pipe shown was very likely a Savinelli 111 KS.

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