Pipe Marks & Logos

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This area is still under construction, so please wear a hard hat & your favourite smoking jacket.

Websites Depicting Pipe Marks & Logos

Logoplm.gif Pipes: Logos & Markings - Currently the most comprehensive Marks and Logos website (French and English)

Aldo Velani - Italy - Gold & Silver Circle: Aldo Velani.jpg

Butz Choquin - France - BC Inside a circle: Butz-Choquin.jpg

Peterson - Ireland - White script "P" stamped on stem: Peterson.jpg

Salvatella - Stylised White "S" stamped on stem: Salvatella.jpg

Savinelli - Italy - "S" Inside a shield surmounted by 2 pipes, stamped on stem & shank: Savinelli.jpg

Stanwell - Denmark - "S" surmounted by a Crown stamped on stem: Stanwell.jpg

Vuillard - France - Stylised White "V" stamped on stem: Vuillard.jpg

Elie - Belgium/Portugal - Stylised Gold "E" inset into stem: Logo mouthpiece Elie.jpg; Pipe Stamp: Stempel Elie.jpg