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Salvatella was a pipe company founded in 1883 by Enric Moulines Giralt in Catalonia, Spain, long the center both of briar production and pipemaking in Spain. Giralt started the company after training with French pipemakers, and primarily dedicated himself to the development of briar. It was not until Giralt's nephew, the third to take over the company, that Salvatella began producing pipes as well as briar. While at their height the company produced as many as 150,000 pipes per year and exported pipes worldwide, the factory closed in 2001.

Among other carvers, Salvatella pipes were shaped by Segimon Baulenas, who began with the company in 1973, and went on to make his own line of pipes under the name Pipas Sigmund, at a rate of approximately 250 pipes a year.