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Vincent Van Gogh - Old Fisherman with Pipe and Coal Stove
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Historic Pipes & Pipe Museums

  • PipePortal.eu, past and present of smoking - this website offers an overview of several museums on pipes & tobacco, including a part of their collection online. A unique feature of this site is that one can make a selection out of all museum collections at the same time, so eg. a choice of meerschaum pipes of five different museums.
  • Pipemuseum.nl - this is the site of the Amsterdam Pipe Museum, currently the most extensive public pipe collection in the world. This site holds not only information on the history and background of this private foundation, but gives access to the full collection of over 35.000 objects in a huge collection database holding 180.000 unique photographs of the pipes and all paraphernalia.

Forums & Newsgroups

Note: Many of the links we had in this area are now dead. If you have new links, please add them, or send them to sethile.pipes@gmail.com and we can add them for you.

    • The link we had for Consejo de Pipa Clubs no longer works (Tiene como objetivo promover el intercambio de información y actividades entre los Pipa Clubs hispanoparlantes - Spanish speaking Pipe Clubs )
    • The link we had for Fraternidad Latinoamericana de Pipa Clubes no longer works.
    • The link we had for Formosa Pipa Club no longer works, and goes to a Phishing site (El primer foro en español dedicado a la pipa y el tabaco)
    • Pipe Village (The portal for worldwide Chinese pipe smokers, dealers and makers, since 2001)
    • The link we had to the Australian Pipe Smokers Group no longer works.
    • PipeCircle (The home of Chinese Neozoic pipe smokers,since 2010)
    • Dim lule forum (first Croatian forum about pipes, pipe tobaccos and pipe makers)
    • Piperson forum (Croatian group about pipes, pipe makers, and tobaccos)
    • Dýmka.net (Czech forum about pipes, tobaccos and cigars)
    • The link we had to Sikaripalsta no longer works (Finnish forum mostly about cigars, but also has pipes, pipe making and pipe tobacco discussions)
    • Fumeurs de Pipe (The first French group about pipes, pipe makers, and tobaccos)
    • The link we had to Pipes et Tabacs Group no longer works (French pipes and tobacco discussion group)
    • Freunde der Tabakpfeife (Forum fuer den stressfreien Austausch unter Pfeifenrauchern)
    • The link we had to Pfeifen und mehr (Pum) no longer works (Portal&Forum - pipes,tobacco,lifestyle)
    • The link we had to Pfeife & Tabak - Vom Genuß des Rauchens no longer works
    • The link we had to The Smoker's Lounge no longer works
    • The link we had to the Stanwell Tobacco/Pipe Forum no longer works (Das Forum für Stanwell-Freunde)
    • The link we had to (Webseite der Newsgroup de.alt.fan.tabak) no longer works
  • IRAN
    • cafeartin (The first site in Iran for visits and quality of articles! All about pipes, tobacco, cigar and accessories. Managed by Mr. Artin Abrahamian) Tel: +98 21 77 67 14 90 - 1 Whatsap: +98 938 2 99 55 72
    • PasPasargad Tabac manage by mr.amirhossein rahimi. biggest smoke shop in iran. and 1st tobacco reviews .
    • The link we had to vfa shop no longer works
    • The link we had to Awat Handcrafts manage by Mr. Awat Ghasemi no longer works. Mobile: +989144443552
    • The link we had to Lala Pipe no longer works. Manage by Mr. Mehdi Irandoost. smoke and tobacoo shop in Iran. and tobacco reviews Mobile: +989024137362
    • GustoTabacco (The first site in Italy for visits and quality of articles! All about cigars, pipes, cigarettes and accessories.)
    • Legio Forum (The Pipe Club of Rome forum a reference for the agonistic slowsmoke in Europe)
    • Fumare La Pipa (The first and biggest italian website dedicated to pipe, pipesmokers, pipemakers...)
    • Accademia del Fumo Lento (Forum Sigari & Pipa - Per i Golosi del Tabacco)
    • The link we had to L'Isola Felice del Fumo Lento no longer works (Forum dedicated to pipes, cigars and tobacco of the Slow Smoke Fellowship of Insubria, area near Varese)
    • The link we had to Polish Pipe Smokers and FMS Pipe Club forum is dead
    • The link we had to the Polish Pipe Smokers newsgroup is now dead
    • The link we had to the South African pipe smokers forum is dead
    • Pipaforo (Instruyendo en el noble arte de la pipa desde 2008)
    • The link we had to La Pipa is dead (Página en castellano sobre la pipa y el tabaco)
  • UNITED STATES (with many users from the United Kingdom)
    • The link we had to A.S.P is now dead
    • Christian Pipe Smokers (An active group of pipe smokers that also discuss theology)
    • The link we had to the International Pipe Club is now dead. (Hosted by the International Cigar Club. Great information on pipes and tobaccos. Pipe makers, tobacco blenders and cigar information.)
    • The link we had to Ladies Of The Briar is now dead
    • The Briar Patch (New online pipe and tobacco community. Great source of community information, pipe club directory and integrated real-time chat)
    • NASPC.org (North American Society of Pipe Collectors)
    • Pipe Makers Forum.com (Great information on pipe making and fellowship with pipe makers)
    • PipesMagazine.com (Online magazine with articles, news, information, interviews, videos, forums and blogs.)
    • Club Stogie - (Now Cigar Asylum) (A cigar site in name but one which also has a strong pipe smoking community; see the Pipe Forums.)
    • Brothers of Briar (A community driven pipe forum with a focus on openness and camaraderie.)
    • Pipe Smokers Forum (The resurected version, courtesy Kevin Keith)
    • Just4Smokers (Just4Smokers)
    • Speak-Easy.club (formally reddits r/pipetobacco exiled over to a new community including r/cigars and r/scotch)


Pipe Clubs

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Note: This list is impossible to keep up with. Many of the links are dead, or have expired and may have been purchased for nefarious purposes. Please use this list with caution.

Please help improve this list by adding or editing if you are so inclined. You can also send suggested edits to sethile.pipes@gmail.com, and we can add them for you.

Interested in the big picture of Pipe Clubs? Check out Ben Rapaport's excellent article: The Pipe Club. A Brief History and Then Some

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