Samvel Mirijanyan

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Samvel Mirijanyan writes the following:

Samvel Mirijanyan

I was born into a family of doctors. After graduating from school, I entered the Yerevan State Agrarian University and obtained a Phd in agricultural sciences. However, while I was in the university, my grandmother insisted on making me learn any craft-related profession and my choice fell on jewelry making. After this decision, in 1980, I began to combine my university studies with private classes in jewelry making and silversmithing.

Since 2000, I have devoted myself to the production of jewelry. At the same time, I started collecting and restoring old pipes, which led to my constant research into the restoration of wood, ebonite, horns, bones and more, testing many technologies from different eras and different countries.

About 5 years ago I decided to try making a pipe out of a piece of briar and it worked. My experience as a jeweler was very helpful in making pipes. Accuracy in finishing, cleanliness of lines, the “correct” weight of the product - all these are principles that I value very much. I am constantly trying to find a balance between form and ergonomics. This of course shows up in the proportions, shape and color of my pipe. Today I make 10 to 20 pipes a year, from briar from different countries (Italy, Cyprus, Corsica, Spain, etc.). In my work I use a variety of materials, mostly natural raw materials.

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