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Apparently we have a small battle on what order to list the two pipemakers from Croatia. Please keep them alphabetical to stay consistent with the rest of the list. Thanks and all the best, --sethile 18:07, 21 January 2010 (UTC) Pipedia SYSOP.

I recently found a beautiful,large, flawless, straight grain, long shank, freehand pipe by an unknown maker. The only markings are WOOLSEY 255. Each of the letters are individually stamped and uneven. The pipe has a square shank w/horn tenon and a vulcanite stem and is about 8" long. This was obviously created by a skilled craftsman and I suspect WOOLSEY may be the shape or grade and not the maker. CAN ANYONE IDENTIFY this handsome pipe. I can email pictures ....thanks ........Greg

Hello Greg, Wow, that sounds like a beautiful pipe. I'm not sure many people will see your question here. And we don't have a question area on Pipedia. You might want to run your questions by the folks on A.S.P, or perhaps one of the other Forums. You can find a few of them on Pipedia Links.
All the best in your search. Scott --sethile 12:01, 23 September 2008 (CDT)

Hello Greg, I have only seen one WOOLSEY once before. Was auctioned on eBay by a lady from Nebraska. The pipe came from a household liquidation-- So, sorry, no further details. Stamping "WOOLSEY" (as you described it) + "73" (year of production?). I presume an US carver not identified yet. Maybe it's a pseudonym.
Woolsey 73.jpg Woolsey 73C.jpg
Please, by all means, send some pics of your pipe to Scott! Any detail might prove to be very helpful! Thanks, TseHa

Thanks Scott and TseHa...I don't know how to add pictures to this site...will try the ASP site....Greg

Flag of Slovenia

It has come to my attention that the flag in the category listing of brands and makers of pipes pictured by the name of Republic of Slovenia (international code SI) is in fact a flag of Slovakia (SK). Different country altogether. I am not a member of Pipedia, so I kindly ask anyone to set things right. Thank you!

Done. Thanks for the heads up... Frank - 10/29/08