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Wally Frank Bulldog, courtesy Smokingpipes.com

Wally Frank, Ltd. was one of America's oldest and most respected names in pipes and tobaccos, beginning in the earlt 1930’s. Wally Frank operated a chain of tobacco stores in New York City (the flagship store was in Lexington Avenue) and had a vast catalog business for pipes and pipe tobaccos. Their numerous private-label pipes were made by many makers, including Charatan, Sasieni, Weber, and many others. Wally Frank, Ltd. also owned the Pioneer brand of meerschaum pipes, made from both Turkish and African meerschaum. In addition to importing pipes, he had many pipes made in his own name and also employed pipemakers like Peter Stokkebye, Svend Bang, and Ed Burak (who later became the owner of Connoisseur). As a result, each Wally Frank pipe must be individually evaluated on its own merit.

1964 Wally Frank catalog listing for Hilson Elan, Courtesy Doug Valitchka

Members of Wally Frank's "The Pipe of the Month Club" received a new pipe in the mail once a month.

Wally Frank (the person) wrote the forward to Georges Herment's 1954 book "The Pipe."

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