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Abdulla is a brand of Abdulla & Co Ltd.

Abdulla Dribaccy Ad, courtesy HPRINTS
Packet of cigarettes, courtesy, Sciencemuseumgroup.org.uk via Rebornpipes.com


Restored Abdulla Dribaccy pipe, courtesy Reborn Pipes

The following information was sloothed out by Steve Laug and presented on Reborn Pipes

The company seems to have existed from 1917-1927 when it was purchased by Godfrey Phillips which kept the company name.

Abdulla & Company, Ltd. — The company was founded in London, England, in 1902. They were most famous for their eponymous cigarette brand, which they made in various blends (Egyptian, Virginian, and Turkish). In 1917, Abdulla moved their headquarters to 173 New Bond Street in Mayfair (formerly the location of the Fabergé shop, and currently home to Chanel), and opened a branch in the Netherlands in 1923.

Around 1927, Abdulla & Company was purchased by a larger competitor, Godfrey Phillips, which kept the company name and brands going. In 1968, Godfrey Phillips U.K. was purchased by Philip Morris International.

The UK National Archives states that the brand was known as Cigarette Specialists and was at 173 New Bond Street in London, England, as follows:

Abdulla & Co. Ltd. (cigarette-specialists; 173, New Bond St., London, W.1).
Reference: PA/101/12/680
Title: Abdulla & Co. Ltd. (cigarette-specialists; 173, New Bond St., London, W.1).
Date: 28th June, 1929

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