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Presumed to be by Edlund, seemingly identical to the Imperial Smoke Kooler (pat no 14323.. American made by the Edlund Co, Detroit, Michigan and distributed by the March Corporation, 608 S Dearborn St, Chicago Illinois) and the E & E Airflow.

An aluminium alloy stem and a vulcanite mouthpiece..The briar bowl is an insert inside a finned alloy cup that screws onto the stem Stamping under stem is ' AIRCOOL MADE IN CAN ' Unlike the Air Flow this pipe has a screw into the end of the stem, instead of the removable end cap. Unfortunately my example has been butchered in the past and this end screw is stuck fast.

The Aircool is labelled as made and distributed in Canada by Essential Agencies Limited, Toronto, Ontario. This has the same end screw as the Smoke Kooler. In all instances the initial purchases would apear to have been a boxed pipe with a spare briar insert included. The price list shows Bowls at $1 each, Stems @ $1.50, Pipe bits @ $1 and Radiator bowl @ $1.00

Further images on Imperial Smoke Kooler page Overall Length: 134 m/m The briar insert has a chamber 22 m/m deep and with a diameter of 16 m/m