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Founded in 1906, Al Pascià has been operating from the 16th Century Casati Stampa Building in Via Torino, 61 Milan. They have been awarded recognition as a traditional business concern in Milan with the “Historical Retail Store” certificate issued by the Lombardy Regional Authorities and a “Historical Store” certificate issued by the City Council in appreciation of the store which has been in business in the heart of Milan for over 100 years.

Al Pascià Michelangelo

Renowned for its specialization in the pipe and smoking accessory sectors, Al Pascià is now an important reference point at an international level for slow smoking enthusiasts. Al Pascià carries a vast range of international freehand pipemakers, as well as a house label brand offered in seven collections: Andrea, Davide, Oscar, Francesco, Giotto, Michelangelo and Leonardo. Most are classic styled models, with the exception of the new "Curvy", a collaboration between Al Pascià and Gubbels.

Al Pascià
Via Torino 61
20123 Milano (Italy)