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Jeff Gracik of J. Alan Pipes and his brother Jeremy have partnered to introduce a new line of benchmade pipes together.

The Pittsburgh half of Alan Brothers Supply Co., Jeremy Gracik, courtesy J. Alan Pipes
Jeff and Jeremy, courtesy J. Alan Pipes
Jeff Gracik, courtesy J. Alan Pipes

What do they mean by "benchmade"? Jeff's own handmade pipes are time and labor intensive to create, making it impossible to produce more than 100-120 pieces in a given year. Given that the demand exceded Jeff's output for his hand made pipes, he and Jeremy began to talk about shapes that Jeff could design, shapes that would be distinctive, but could be partially made by machine. They decided to use the same briar sources that are used in Jeff's handmade pipes, and seeing how close they could come to the handmades while doing the rough work in a factory and having all the fitting, refining, and finishing accomplished by skilled artisans. Borrowing a word from the shoe and knife making communities, they decided to call these pipes ‘Benchmade.’

The result was Alan Brothers Pipes, which they launced in 2015, after two years of development and training.

Alan Brothers Pipes are available at

Contact Information:

Address: PO Box 14732, Pittsburgh, PA 15234