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The brand Paronelli collects inside a family passion that was born in 1945 when Jean-Marie Alberto Paronelli decided to give free rein to his artistic side. The continuous search for quality and perfection brought Alberto Paronelli to create unique pieces prized and sought after worldwide. The ideas and the canons of the founder have been handed down from generation to generation and even now all the pipes are handmade with Italian first choice briar. His grandson, Ariberto Paronelli, which has succeeded over the years at the helm, continues with passion and dedication to the work started by the founder of designing and creating classics models with a modern twist. Annual production is around 1000 pieces. Ariberto also works on commission. If you have in mind a pipe of your dreams he will be happy to achieve it. For Paronelli family the pipe is a matter of the heart.

Noted by José Manuel Lopes as "one of the 'fathers' of pipe creation and design "one of the 'fathers' of pipe creation and design."


Jean Marie Alberto Paronelli was born in Gavirate on 21st December 1914. After studying in Switzerland and Italy, he went to London at the age of 18 to complete his vocational training. He turned out to be cut out for foreign languages, so much so that he spoke and wrote English, French, German and Spanish fluently. He studied and became fond of humane letters and people’s history. In London he used to hang out at the Savoy Hotel and got to know Pipe art, as he used to go to Burlington Arcade’s shops regularly. He first became collector and then consultant for other collectors. After he came back to Italy he started to work for Leonida Rossi and established an office in Milan to trade Rossi pipes. In the Sixties he bought the beautiful directory style sample room of the factory, which had just closed down. He regularly corresponded with the major living intellectuals passionate about pipe art, and he founded the magazine “La Pipa”.

Alberto Paronelli was a unique and fantastic personality in pipe’s world, as defined in the presentation of the great designers from Brebbia, for which he designed an egg-shaped curved model. He believed in human relations and friendship above all. Even now enthusiasts from all over the world meet in his house and in the near Museum of the Pipe. He used to tell lots of pleasant anecdotes. You felt like a child in a fairyland and began to understand that Alberto told a different story to everyone to teach them something. What struck most was his vitality, typical of those who have never worked a day, because he did work with great passion. In his museum of the Pipe, open to new and old friends, you can still find journalists looking for an interesting subject to write about, sculptors and friends, ceramists. His creativity expressed in words but also in painting and sculpture. He enjoyed painting very much, but he also enjoyed modeling clay. After studying the Mayan culture he modeled a beautiful series of statuettes.

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