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Alexander Hasty

In the Summer of 2011, Alexander Hasty set out to make a tobacco pipe. Going into the project, he knew nothing at all about tobacco pipes or how they were made, but was confident that he could make something functional for himself. Using a piece of wood and my his grandpa’s workshop, he made something that resembled a tobacco pipe. Not what he had hoped, but it was a start. Gathering what information he could from online forums and YouTube videos, he continued making pipes, each one better than the last. Throughout this process, he found a true passion.

After graduating from college, Hasty decided to take up pipemaking full-time. He was fortunate enough to spend some time with Grant Batson, learning in his workshop. That experience served as a major turning point, not only in his pipemaking abilities, but in the overall quality of the pipes he was producing. Batson's mentorship, as well as the mentorship of other established pipe makers, has allowed Alelander to continue the development of his craft in pursuit of making the highest quality tobacco pipes.

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