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"buzzjack's" pipe offers

"buzzjack" John Allen about himself:

"I have been in the pipe repair business for 23 years with, and just recently started making my own pipes. (In 2007.) I start with quality aged briar (the same briar that Tim West and other well known pipe carvers use). I carve, drill, bore, sand, stain, buff, and polish the briar, and i fit it with a custom made stem. Most pipe makers who create their own pipes spend 80% of the work time on just the sanding (i know because they would send them to me to install a stem). Because of all the hours spent on sanding, the retail of their pipes would be $200.00 to $300.00. I have decided to spend less time on sanding to keep the prices down. My pipes will smoke as well as a more expensive pipe, but at much less of a cost, especially for a hand made pipe. My shop has all the tools as the well known carvers: Band Saw, Belt Sanders, Flat Sander, 1/4 Rounded Lathe Sander, plus all of the hand held tools needed to get the job done. Even though i have the machinery to get the pipes done, i still do most of the work with my hands and eyes. I feel this gives my work a true hand made result."

John Allen offered his first pipes as "Roughriders". More recently they get stamped "Allen".

The following pipe is marked ALLEN and HANDMADE. It may have been made by John Allen, or perhaps by George Allen. If you have information about who made this pipe, or about George Allen, please add it here or send it to and we can add it for you.

Contact Information:

John Allen
144 Linebrook Road
Ipswich, MA 01938

Phone: 978 500 7704