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Anima Pipes are all handmade in the USA by carver Brian McNulty utilizing the highest quality, well aged briar from many regions to bring out the free flowing forms which lie in each ebacheon. Cut to maximize the beautiful grain of the wood, these pipes provide a beautiful aesthetic and a cool and satisfying smoke to all whom have had the pleasure of packing up and lighting one of these "smokable works of art" which is undeniably Anima. With a basis in traditional styling, accentuated by artistic expression, these extremely fine smoking articles each come with an exact matching tamper to compliment each pipe. Carver Brian McNulty's sharp eye and flair for form, symmetry, sleek lines, fine attention to detail, and uniquely inspired shapes coupled with "soul" within the craftsmanship are what set Anima pipes apart from many others. Know that smoking an Anima pipe will provide you with a dry and satisfying smoke every time as you view a truely one-of-a-kind work of art!

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Grading & Pricing

  • Rusticated Finish - $75.00 -$200
  • Sandblasted Finish - $100 - $300
  • 1 Logo Smooth - $100.00
  • 2 Logo Smooth - $200.00
  • 3 Logo Smooth - $300.00
  • 4 Logo Smooth - $400.00
  • 5 Logo Smooth - $500.00
  • 6 Logo Smooth - $600.00
  • 7 Logo Smooth - $700.00
  • Wakan Set - $1,000.00

Contact information

Website: Anima Pipes