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Nathan Armentrout
Bent apple, partial blast, Courtesy,
Bamboo apple, Courtesy,

Nathan Armentrout, from Lancaster, California, like many other carvers began with a few pipe kits and a desire to see if he could mould a block of briar into a functional pipe. By his own admission, those early pipes were not the most beautiful, but an ember of fascination was lit. First and foremost, he is a science teacher, but has been learning about making briar pipes as a hobby since 2009. With some help and guidance from pipe makers and friends, his work is growing in design and detail. Nathan's pipes are inspired by Danish designs, and he pays close attention to carving stems from solid ebonite rods. Like many contemporary American carvers, he uses Delrin for his tenons. Currently, his pipes are either smooth, sandblasted, or a combination of the two. Utilizing exotic woods, acrylics, and bamboo to accent some of his pipes allows for lovely variation among transitional themes. Courtesy,

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