Ashby Hall

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Ashby Hall stamping and nomenclature. Image courtesy MBSD Pipes.

Ashby Hall (sometimes written as 'Ashby-Hall') was an English make owned by Ashby Hall Briar Pipes Limited. While the exact details of the ownership of Ashby Hall are as yet unknown, what is known is that their pipes were made by former Charatan pipe-maker Stan Haney.[1] The timeline for the creation of Ashby Hall pipes would appear to be 1977-1982, as Haney left Charatan after Dunhill's acquisition of the company in 1977, and had moved on to another employ (one not in the pipe industry) by 1982.

Image courtesy MBSD Pipes.

Ashby Hall pipes are very rare, but those that have been documented show strong similarities to Charatan's freehand pipes from the Lane era, minus Lane's proprietary double comfort stem.


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