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Bari Logo, courtesy Doug Valitchka

Bari Piber was founded by Viggo Nielsen in Kolding around the turn of 1950/51. Viggo's sons Kai Nielsen and Jørgen Nielsen both grew into their father's business from a very young age and worked there till 1975.

Bari had very successfully adapted the new Danish Design that had been started mainly by Stanwell for it's own models. When Viggo Nielsen sold Bari in 1978 to Joh. Wilh. von Eicken GmbH in Hamburg Bari counted 33 employees.

From 1978 to 1993 Åge Bogelund and Helmer Thomsen headed Bari's pipeproduction. Thomson bought the company in 1993 re-naming it to Bari Piber Helmer Thomsen. The workshop moved to more convenient buildings in Vejen. Bogelund, who created very respectable freehands of his own during the time at Bari got lost somehow after 1993.

Bari's basic conception fundamentally stayed the same for decades: series pipes pre-worked by machines and carefully finished by hand. Thus no spectacular highgrades but solid, reliable every day's companions.

The most famous series are the smooth "Classic Diamond" and the blasted "Wiking".


"Excellent" and "DON" are Bari seconds.[1]



  1. This information might be true although I don't know where it originates from. But Excellent has been a sub-brand of Oldenkott which clearly can be seen by the horseshoe stamping on the "Excellent Super Grain (Danish Design)" pipe. This stamp has also been used for Oldenkott's Derby pipes.