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Cachimbos Bazzanelli was founded on 07/29/2001, built in the back of the house of its founder, in the municipality of Timbó / SC., by Mauro Marcos Bazzanella.

The confidence in his product made him take a suitcase, fill it with pipes and, without a fixed clientele, leave for the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, Santa Catarina and São Paulo.

Always with the confidence that every pipe smoker knows how to differentiate a product carefully elaborated and knowing that each customer is unique, as well as each pipe that is completely handmade, made with all the care and patience. The reception was great and in a short time our company became the differential in the national market.

The Cachimbo Bazzanelli Company has a virtual store with the purpose of breaking the existing paradigms in relation to national and imported pipes. Bazzanelli Pipes is a company that sells unique and personalized pipes, which makes it different in the market.

Working with more than 100 differentiated products in the pipe line, the products are sold in retail and wholesale and have the guarantee of quality and price compatible with the Brazilian market.

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