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D. Brumfit shop, courtesy Doug Valitchka

The following pipe is circa 1919, marked BRUMFIT, N.P.U. LONDON. The BRUMFIT part matches a tobacconist shop D.Brumfit (Piccadilly) Ltd. 107b as you can see from a reference photo in pictures at right. The pipe is marked with other stamping N.P.U., which is Nec Plus Ultra a brand from Louis Blumfield. The L-B = Louis BLUMFELD. It sometimes appears on hallmarked bands for BBB Pipes as well. This pipe was apparently made by Louis Blumfeld for the D. BRUMFIT shop in London.

The Nec Plus Ultra was apparently also a former brand of A. Frankau & Co. Ltd., which later became BBB.

The hallmark for dating does put it at 1919.

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