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Kelvin Pohler and Thorsten "Toto" Klemme, courtesy CO-Pipes

CO-Pipes was founded by two pipe makers from Germany - Kelvin Pohler and Thorsten "Toto" Klemme.

What unites them? In addition to their full-time work, they are passionate pipe builders and - accordingly - pipe smokers. They have turned their shared passion for beautiful, high-quality pipes into a part-time job, and marketed the resulting pipes since 2015. Pohler and Klemme build and present their pipes as a team, with each of them doing everything, both alternately and together. Their workshop is in Hamm Westphalia. Their aim is to create co-pipes in the manor of what can be found in Denmark.

In addition to team pipe making, Kelvin and Toto also agreed on two tobacco creations by HU tabacco - "The Bullet" and "The Swan". "We both love one mix as the other, whereby "The Bullet" is a pure taste -Explosion proves, on the other hand, "The Swan" - Latakia lovers especially recommended - "picked up" again and again!"

Contact Information:

For appointment inquiries, orders and other concerns, we are happy to help: 
Nicole Pietzonka, phone number  0170-2365834
CO-Pipes GbR •   Kelvin Pohler and  Thorsten Klemme 
Kumper  Landstr. 10 •    59069 Hamm-Kump •