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Catterall Pipes

Catterall Pipes about:

Catterall Pipes are individually-crafted briar smoking pipes made in Greensboro, North Carolina. The current pipes coming off the bench all feature extra-extra grade plateaux briar from the northeast region of Spain. The stems are hand-cut from acrylic rod stock and fitted with delrin tenons for durability and longevity.

All Catterall Pipes are stamped on the shank with our logo and individually numbered. The current grading system ranges from Grade C through Grade A, reflecting the quality and consistency of the briar’s grain on the pipe. Three Signature-grade pipes, which are not stamped with a grade, have been produced thus far.

Catterall Pipes are available exclusively at The Pipe & Pint, in Greensboro, North Carolina. Contact Larry Christopher at (336) 218-8610 for information about purchasing a pipe you are interested in.

Catterall Pipes offers a special series of pipes dedicated to the USS North Carolina, which is under restoration at Wilmington, NC. The wooden collars on the acrylic stems of these pipes are made of teak from the original decking of the battleship. They get stamped "NC" in addition to the usual nomenclature, and ask $25 above the regular price point for the grade; the $25 from the sale of each of these pipes is donated to the battleship's restoration fund.

In his main profession, Van Catterall works for a Greensboro based non-profit agency dedicated to helping young people and their families.

Contact Information:

Van Catterall
4203 Oakcliffe Road
Greensboro, NC 27406

Phone: 336 674-3801
Website: Catterall Pipes