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Christoph Kürle, after having run a tobacco store in the borough of Travemünde, Lübeck, for several years, took over the "Pfeifenstübchen" tobacco store in the historic inner city around 1996. The previous owner, Wolfgang Schuldt, had installed a pipe workshop in the basement, which Christoph Kürle also put to use, producing small numbers of well-made, no-frills handcuts, though not making much of a name for himself as a designer.

Early pipes are usually unmarked; later pipes carry the imprints "Christoph Kürle" and "Lübeck" on either side of the shank. The craftsmanship is generally quite good. Most pipes are made to use 9mm filters; the mouthpieces typically are Cumberland ebonite with Teflon tenons, though regular ebonite mouthpieces are also common. Kürle has been known to make pipes to order, and probably has produced between 100 and 200 pipes in all before the shop was sold.

The finish is polished wax on all pipes. Spots are not filled in, and the varnish varies between very light orange to medium brown.