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Colm Magner, born in 1961, is a Canadian pipemaker who presently lives and works in New York City.He previously taught Drama and Playwriting at UPEI, and continues to carve pipes and make hand-made original jewelery. Colm, who has worked as an actor/writer/director in TV/Film and theatre for over 25 years, began carving pipes while working at the Shaw Festival Theatre as an actor in 1998.

The Canadian Business Magazine introduced him as "Canada's Up and Coming Young Pipe Maker" saying enthusiastically that Magner, concerning his artistic expression and the precision of his crafting, has already left behind many who have been carving for decades.

Fellow pipe maker Stefan Seles: "I have had the good fortune to know Colm for the past couple years and he has grown exponentially as a pipe maker in that short period of time. His signature shape that you may have seen in Columbus is called the 'Boxer', a sort of kidney shaped chin sitter. He sells his pipes directly to the shops in Toronto." He used to make his way around town by public transit usually with his dear dog Liam, who recently passed away.

A word of advice about his pipes...Colm is a consummate Virginia, Virginia Perique smoker. I have found that his pipes seem to smoke best with those type of blends in them, especially the 'Boxer'."

Latest News:

Colm's Solo Play "The Scavenger's Daughter" has just been accepted by The New York International Fringe Festival Jury for production in August, 2010. So if you're in New York in August, drop by!!! He has also recently completed a new play entitled "Moonshine Serenade" which will also be staged in New York in the near future.

Colm Magner
New York City

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