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Vintage display rack, courtesy Doug Valitchka
C.P.F. Revolver on original display board, courtesy Susan Tyler
1925 Ad for the Revolver Pipe, courtesy Susan Tyler
Courtesy Doug Valitchka
Old KB&B Ad featuring C.P.F, Courtesy Doug Valitchka
An interesting piece of historical swag, courtesy Eric Adams

There is not much known about the Colossus Pipe Factory. By the mid 1890's it was owned by Kaufmann Bros. & Bondy. Bill Feuerbach has an old invoice from KB&B dated 1898 that has "C.P.F." in the upper corner, with Trademark underneath. So they owned the brand by then. It could have been a company that was acquired by KB&B or possibly even founded by them.

Bill is a VP at S. M. Frank & Co. (Kaywoodie) and has also provided the evidence to the name Colossus below.

I have always been under the impression that the intials C.P.F. stood for Consolidated Pipe Factory. Many pipe collectors that I know believe the same thing. However only this week I had that cleared up. A pipe collector friend in Seattle emailed a scan of a page from a trade magazine called "The Jeweler's Circular", dated August 23, 1899. A reader wrote in the following question, "Please inform us who manufactures briar pipes with trademark, C.P.F.?" The answer was, "These letters stand for Colossus Pipe Factory, the business being conducted by Kaufmann Bros. & Bondy, 129 Grand Street, New York."

I have seen pipes with both the C.P.F. logo and KB&B logo on them that date to pre-1900. This may have been a way to let the public now that the companies were affiliated. As far as I can tell, the C.P.F. brand was discontinued sometime in the 1910-1920 range.

--- Don Gifford 16:50, 18 August 2009 (UTC)

---Don - Could I please direct your attention to a book titled: Clay Tobacco Pipes and the Fur Trade of the Pacific Northwest and Northern

Mention of KB&B ownership of C.P.F in the Jeweler's circular

Note By Michael A. Pfeiffer: On page 100 ( - In this book, the author says that CPF could be Colossal Pipe Factory or C.P. Fenner. I confirm that Fenner is in the tobacco bus. at:;jsessionid=F72C32B976BE8568230CC77842917491.tobacco03 (for B.A. Fenner and C.P. Fenner) and further at: (United States private tobacco proprietary stamps : printed on tin foil by the J.J. Crooke Co. and the Couley Foil Co. : printed on paper by the Continental Bank Note Co. and the Graphic Co. : including all known essays and a list of foils taken from the J.J. Crooke Co. records by Alfred A. Post (1909) ) - where Fenner is a cigarette maker. So, perhaps the scanned article is not as absolute as it could be and more research work is necessary. I would be glad for your input, at this page. M. Preston 03:46, 13 May 2013 (UTC)

Paul Jung writes that he discovered in his research that the C.P.F. trademark was registered by KB&B on Oct. 9, 1917, as can be seen in the following registration documents, and had been in use since 1883.