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Hi everybody, my name is Gabriele Dal Fiume, my love for pipes moved its first steps 18 years ago, looking at my father and my uncle smoking in the dining room. At first I started collecting pipes, I was interested in all shapes, I liked both classic and “freehand”.

Smooth Acorn, courtesy LePipe.it

Then I felt the need of collecting documentation on this subject, I read a lot of books on the art of pipe-making and I visited museums and workshops in Italy and abroad.

The pleasure I felt smoking pipes, made me desire to make one by myself.

I make 50,60 pipes per year, their shape may range from classic to freehand, but always in my own peculiar style. I select personally the blocks of briar in Liguria (at Mimmo’s) and Tuscany and I let them air-dry in my lab. Periodically I test the blocks, verifying color and weight, but no block is used before 6 years are passed.

Most of my pipes have flame, straight grain and cross grain, only 15% are hand carved. Mouthpieces are made of high-grade PMMA. I use to apply rings of olive wood to mouthpieces. The entire processing is handmade with the exception of the bore of bowl and the stem which are drilled with a bore machine. The finishing is made with a smooth natural contrast and carnauba wax. Every year I take part in several exhibitions, and I am often involved in lectures about the Art of pipe-making.

I hope you all will enjoy my pipes!

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Contact information

Website: DGPipe
Email: mailto:info@dgpipe.com
Phone: +39 (0)51 6701166
Fax: +39 (0)51 830982