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Dante Pipes is the brand of Massimo Angelo!

Erasing errors:

  • Stampings read "Dante" + "Meliora Cogito" + "Fatta a Mano in Italia". This caused some discussions about a alleged pipemaker named "Meliora Cogito". False! "Meliora Cogito" is a motto in Latin language meaning "I strive for the better".
  • For a certain time Massimo Angelo appranticed at and later worked with Giancarlo Guidi of Ser Jacopo in Pesaro. For some years Dante pipes were only available in Italy, because Massimo-- like many other Italian makers with a small production-- only supplied the local market. Now, because Dante pipes (or alleged Meliora Cogitos) were often offered side by side with Ser Jacopos, they were frequentely ranked as a sub-brand or even a second of Ser Jacopo. False again!

Among insiders Dante pipes are praised for their impressing quality of workmanship and their impeccable smokability. Considering the prices they really deserved an even broader audience. Each pipe is created and completely handmade by Massimo Angelo using the finest Italian briar with handcut Lucite mouthpieces. His briar is personally selected from the famous Segherie Maremmane sawing mill (est. 1883) in Northern Italy. Every pipe is without fills or putty and guaranteed against defects in workmanship and failures for a period of one year from date of purchase.

Beside the motto in Latin ("per aspera ad astra" on Giancarlo Guidi's Ser Jacopo) there is another nice parallel: Massimo also offers "Maximas" ranging from really large to humongous.