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Di Gangi at work, courtesy https://www.lepipe.it/en/Biography-Di%20Gangi lepipe.it


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Andrea Di Gangi is young, and started making pipes in his mid 20s in October 2017. He has a small goldsmith and pipe workshop in in the Sicilian hinterland, which he opened to dedicate his life to art, painting, sculpture and modeling.

Andrea attended the art institute, graduating in 2013. He then taught himself jewelry making, which he uses in his pipe making where precious metals parts are often seen as accents and are his signature feature.

Di Gangi is enthusiastic about studying and works constantly. His younger brother and father help with different phases of pipe making process, and they are commuted to increasing the quality and quantity of their product.

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Contact Information:

Andrea Di Gangi
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artigianatoDiGangi/