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Dunhill Microphone

From 1964 to 2003, the British Pipesmokers' Council honored a famous pipesmoking Brit each year with the Pipe Smoker of the Year award, commemorated by a special edition pipe made by a British marque. Such winners included prolific actors, scientists, athletes, and TV and radio personalities, such as Peter Cushing and Stephen Fry, who received the last award, given in 2003.

For the 1982 award, BBC Radio DJ Dave Lee Travis was hailed Pipe Smoker of the Year, and Dunhill was commissioned to make a special, radio-themed smoker. As such, 50 of these Microphone pipes were made in 1981 and presented in '82 as a limited edition, exclusive series in honor of Travis. Stamped 1 through 50, the #1 piece was put on display in the Alfred Dunhill Museum in London while the #2 pipe was given to Travis personally. The pipe you see before you today is that #2 piece.

Remaining unsmoked throughout the years, Travis's Microphone pipe eventually found its way into the hands of Pipe-Dan, as Dave Lee was a frequent customer of the shop. It was through Pipe-Dan, then, that renowned Danish carver Manduela Riger-Kusk came to know Travis and acquired this piece during her time at Pipe-Dan in 1990 before the shop closed in 1991.
By Truett Smith - Smokingpipes.

The Longitude

Commemorative edition to celebrate the new Millennium. The Dunhill welcomed the 21st century with a special edition named: The Longitude, Limited in 2000 pieces and released in the year 1999. Shell Finish, Billiard-Group 5.

The Dunhill created a gold-plated, stainless steel swivel bezel and calibrated to calculate the different times that the turn of the millennium would occur in relation to local time in major cities around the world. There is a red dot that indicates the region and time zone. Simply aligning the red dot of the millennium below the desired city, where it also contains your time zone. In this way, it was possible to calculate the turn of the millennium around the globe-in three different forms, considering also the variable of daylight saving time.

Classic Series

A limited series, launched in the 90s to commemorate the true classics of Alfred Dunhill's history, since the first pipes were crafted in Mason's Yard workshop in 1910.

Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral was a special order made for Cologne pipe-trader Peter Heinrichs in 2005. It is a rare Dunhill Freehand Straight Grain 4 star pipe in oversize (XL). The lid is worked – like the Cologne cathedral itself – out of 925 sterling silver. The smoke can escape through several holes in the lid as well as through the head portal of the cathedral. The pipe is therefore fully operable, but will hardly ever be smoked. The pipe (value: Euro 10,000) was blessed by the Cologne Cardinal Meißner (!!!) and received a display place in the Cologne City Museum.

Cologne Cathedral