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Don Fuhr is a retired Police Major who now does contract work training SWAT and Anti-Terrorist personnel overseas. At the age of 43, with 21 years of service, Don discovered moderate pipe smoking as a method of stress relief after taking a few days off to fish and unwind. The local streams became flooded after some heavy rains sending Don to a local fly fishing outfitter to tie some flies. While he was tying, a fellow angler sat down to visit and lit up his pipe. Always having enjoyed the smell of a burning pipe, Don discovered that the stress he had grown accustomed to drifted away along with the tendrils of smoke from the fellow angler's pipe. He left the outfitters store, walked down the mall to Just For Him, and purchased his first pipe.

Although given fair warning that while pipe smoking was not addicting, pipe collecting was, Don quickly began to develop an appreciation for the craftsmanship of fine pipes. With a background in design and graphic arts, Don began his journey into the design and manufacture of fine smoking instruments. Between contract assignments, Don crafts quality pipes as a hobby from his home near Springfield, Missouri. Don typically has a busy schedule, thus he cannot dedicate as much of his time as he would like to crafting pipes. One thing is for certain, Don's pipe crafting skills are second to none and his pipes often become favorites of their lucky owners.

Don Fuhr's freehands range from $150 - $300.

Don can be contacted at: dfuhr.ata@hotmail.com