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Gabrieli Pipes

Dan Chlebove about himself:

"Growing up, my father being a carpenter/cabinet maker, it was hard not to be involved in wood working in one way or another. My fathers' love of his craft and wood, would be instilled in me over the years. For almost thirty years I made my living as a white table Chef, the whole time being a pipesmoker as well. Never being far from carpentry and furniture restoration.

While my wife was pregnant with Gabriel (yes, the brand is so named for him) I thought I'd like to try pipe making. Those first blocks procured from Pimo and Mark Tinsky. I also purchased stems and modified them. In 2000 I entered a P&T amateur pipe making contest. I was plesently surprised to have two pipes pictured as honorable mentions. Encouraged by the results and Chuck Stanion, I dove in head first, researching everything I could about pipemaking, through other pipemakers and the internet. In 2002 P&T contest pictured five of my six enteries. The rest is history. With the favorable reception this past year to my pipes by the international community, in ebay auctions handled by "coopersark", I've embarked on my own site.

Today I produce 60 or less pipes a year, all one of a kind. Using only the best plateau I can obtain from Italy, Corsica, and occasionally Algerian, I use rasp and wheel to shape my pipes, they are not turned. Stems are made of high quality German ebonite and brindle. I'll use by request or ocasioally high end Italian acrylic. They are taper drilled to maitain a consistant diameter from the shank airway. Stem slot is hand cut and trumpeted to provide a cool smoking and unrestricted airway. All Gabrieli Pipes are provided with a precision mounted tenon of delrin. A lot of passion, TLC, and the finest materials, matched with exacting tollerances produce Gabrieli Pipes."

Dan Chlebove
1585 Valley Rd
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18018

Phone: 610 866 5519
Website: [1]