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Harkam Pipes

"My name is Karl Harkam, born in Austria on 10.02.1958. I'm married and have three children. Beside my profession as a commercial clerk I start to built pipes in the middle of 2005.

I'm not learned this trade, I'm a self-teaching pipemaker. Words and deeds of my coupeur (Romeo Briar) was a great help, he produce also pipes in high quality. I found also good ideas in the internet .

I use only the best bruyere-kanteln, which I receive from my coupeur in italy. I make my freehand pipes with the help of the grinding disc, rasp and file. After staining the pipes, they are polished with carnauba-wax. Because not each bruyere is faultless, there can be some spots in the wood. To putty or something like that is out of the question. "Einrauchpaste" is only available on customer requirement. The mouthpiece are only made by hand of caoutchouc or cumberland. For decoration I use exotic woods, horn or bone.

The production of my pipes is as an artistic work. Each of them is a unicum. I want to deliver only high quality pipes.

At present I manufacture between 20 - 25 pipes a year."

Karl Harkam
Hauptstrasse 88
8142 Wundschuh

Cell phone: +43 (O)8664 4125439
E-mail: karl.harkam@aon.at
Website: Harkam Pipes