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Image Courtesy of Lars Kiel

"I have made pipes for more than 50 years. The attraction for me has always been the creative process of designing pipes and developing a personal pipe experience for my customers. Using other materials together with briar such as silver, gold, bone, horn and exotic types of wood gives me the opportunity to create individuality."

"It's important that the pipe reflects the customer’s environment and thereby reflects personal design choices."

"The foundation in my creative process is classic craftsmanship, combined with new ways of form and design, aimed to please you in your everyday life."

Image Courtesy of Lars Kiel
Image Courtesy of Lars Kiel
Image Courtesy of Lars Kiel

Hans Hartmann started making pipes the early 1950s. He did it the hard way without any guidance, but it didn't take long until he made good and beautiful pipes. Around 1960 he started selling pipes to the famous Pipe Dan in Copenhagen, at that time the best pipe shop in the World, with pipes from Sixten Ivarsson, Sven Knudsen, Gert Holbek, Ib Loran and many more.

At the same time, Hartmann opened his own shop in Copenhagen where he sold both his own pipes as well as pipes from the large manufacturers and also continued to make pipes for Pipe Dan. In 1970 Hartmann stopped making pipes professionally and started a long career representing pipe distributors like Comoy's, Dunhill, and Savinelli. However, he kept his workshop and still made pipes now and then as well as doing repairs for pipe shops.

Today Hans Hartmann is retired. But his love for pipemaking is still there and we are proud to present his creationss here - he still has the touch!

Hartmanns grading goes from A (the best) to E followed by the cheaper lines HH1 to HH4.

Hans Hartmann
Gravene 6
DK-8800 Viborg

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