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Herskovitz, Sandor; Flushing, NY

Sandor Herskovitz used to make pipes and sell them out of a public park in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in the late 50's and early 60's. Tom Benz had a pipe created for his wife Hilda that is a foot with a big toe sticking up. Sandor signed it Made for Hilda" Sandor

Tom Benz gave the pipe to a friend who later passed. His daughter gave it to the Red Door Consignment Gallery in Harrisburg, PA to sell. Coincidentally my father, Leonard Berman, saw the pipe and asked me to e-mail Tom Benz to ask who the man was who used to make pipes in the park. By sheer coincidence, Tom Benz wrote back with the name Sandor Herkovitz and said the pipe was originally his! Of course I offered it back but he declined and is allowing the public to enjoy it at our gallery.

I will continue to research this pipe maker and hope others will contribute as well.

Irene Berman-Levine