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Website - Iberica de Pipas

"Founded in 1919, Iberica de Pipas is a company dedicated to the manufacture of pipes and gift items in wood.

More than eighty years of presence in the market guarantee our products. Our accumulated experience has strengthened and allowed us to both continue making improvements and maintain the professional standards which our name inspires throught out the years.

In our effort to maintain client satisfaction, we offer an increased variety of quality products ranging from smoking to gift and home articles at an excellent price-quality relationship.

Thanks to our professional standards and transparency, we can also manufacture any personally designed specialty items that our clients so desire. Contact us, we are eager to discuss how we can fulfil your needs."

Brands (afak):

Iberica de Pipas
Pol. Mas les Vinyes, 11
08570 Torelló (Barcelona)

Phone: +34 93 859 08 33
E-mail: info@ibericadepipas.com
Website: Iberica de Pipas