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Jon Rinaldi

I have been a professional photographer for many years; my work has been in many publications and I am proud to have won numerous awards. I worked as an escort with Arizona Highways Magazine for a number of years helping with their wonderful photo workshops through out the state. Over the last five years I have taken up the art of briar pipe carving, I love working with carving tools to produce a beautiful well-balanced pipe.

I am primarily self-taught; I dedicate a great deal of time seeking out many fantastic resources in our pipe-making world.

I like to consider myself as an up and coming craftsman, who is developing new and better ways everyday to hone my skills in the technical and creative ways of pipe making. I find myself with shapes that follow traditional forms with a flare of my own. I like smooth finishes, but I am more drawn towards a softer looking sandblast.

I have the utmost respect for the great pipe makers on Pipedia; I would respectfully welcome your comments and constructive view.

Website: Jon Rinaldi Pipes

Sonoita, Arizona