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James Foster received his Tobacconist Certification in 2015 from Tobacconist University and is a Certified Salesforce Tobacconist #2145. In 2023 James was awarded the Master of Pipes at the Chicago Pipe Show. He writes occasionally for PipesMagazine covering industry news, events, and lighter reviews. An avid pipe smoker, James has been smoking pipes since the late 90's inheriting his fathers and grandfathers pipes. An IT and Marketing person by trade he puts his skills to work helping people in the pipe industry with their website and marketing and currently is the webmaster of The Country Squire. Additionally James runs the website thepipetool.com which allows pipe smokers to chronologue their tobaccos and pipes as well as create personal reviews. James is the President of the Austin Pipe Club and works across Texas to help run the Texas Pipe Show.

In the News and Interviews

Pipesmagazine Radio Show Episode #360, Aug 6th 2019

CountrySquire Radio Show "Data Dialog: Breaking Down The r/PipeTobacco Censorship Concerns," May 2nd 2018

Countrysquire Radio "Beat The Heat: Pipe Smoking In The Summer Time" , Aug 8th, 2018

Pipesmagazine Radio Show Episode #140 , May 19th, 2015