Jens Peter Ransborg

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Jens Peter Ransborg, courtesy Ellen Ransborg Lassen

A brief biography of Jens Peter Ransborg follows
Researched by his niece, Ellen Ransborg Lassen

Born: Jan. 31st 1905 in Ejsing (a small village in Jutland between Skive and Holstebro)

Died: Feb.27th 1978 in Copenhagen.

Jens Peter was named Nielsen, - but all family changed the name to Ransborg in 1945. Ransborg was the name of the farm where all family came from. He was the eldest among 7 brothers and 1 sister.

He got married to Erna in 1940 and they moved to Copenhagen where he was educated in making soap. Two daughters were born in 1943 and 1945. Later he built up a soap factory in Copenhagen. When there was too many other factories from abroad he couldn’t compete with the prices so he sold the factory.

He got interested in making pipes and bought the Celius factory at Bogø ( a small island south from the island Sealand) in 1973. He sold the house in Copenhagen and moved to Bogø with his wife.

As smoking tobacco became more and more dangerous, and they might not have a happy life in the small community at Bogø, they decided to return to Copenhagen around 1976.