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John Peel pipes appear to be made by the Portland Pipe Co. out of England. Portland Pipe Co. may have been a sub-brand owned by Barling, and initially started in the 1930's, reportedly going out of business in 1962.

Many JOHN PEEL pipes are known the following general stamping: "JOHN PEEL, A PORTLAND PIPE, MADE WHOLLY IN ENGLAND"

However others were stamped "John Peel Myhre Oslo, Made In England, B.Barling Brand Pipe" which shows an absolute tie to Barling, probably during the Corporate stage of Barling, when pipe would have been stamped BB&S for B. Barling & Sons.

Some are stamped B. Barling Ltd., or JOHN PEEL, LONDON ENGLAND

Finlay purchased Barling in 1962, and Imperial pipe co. owned 49% of Finlay, so it's no surprise that there are some JOHN PEEL pipes made with the Imperial branding as well.