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Peter's website

Peter Klein, born in Essen, was educated as a carpenter. Many years ago he came to the Siegerland area, where he worked as a technician at Jung-Stilling-Gymnasium (Highschool) in Hilchenbach. Because it was announced that the school will be closed down in Summer of 2008 Peter was imperiled to lose his job. So he and his wife decided to pre-empt this and make a new start in Denmark-- a country they have been in love with for decades. So it was as well making a dream come true when they moved to Ringkøbing in December of 2007.

He started to make pipes in his leisure time back in 1988. Today his annual production is ca. 200 - 250 unique pieces which mainly sell in Germany, the USA and Taiwan. BTW he works half-time as a carpenter now and this is a fine solution to him leaving him plenty of time to work on fine pipes without being compelled to make his living selling pipes.

"Peder Smalsen", as he was recently apostrophed, uses mainly Calabrian plateau he personally selects in Italy. He is also an important briar supplier to many fellow pipemakers. Like few others he's capable to produce the whole range of pipe styles from classical English to Italian and Danish inspired freehand pipes at very exacting standards.

Ca. 70% of his pipes are drilled for 9mm filters. Only a small part gets blasted.

The pipes are stamped "P. Klein" on the shank. Capital letters ascending from F to AA indicate the grading. Prices range between €100 and €333. His very best, named "Orca", ask prices from €350 up.

Two years ago he introduced a more affordable line of pipes called "Lina Pfeifen".

An excellent selection of Klein pipes is available at Pipedia Underwriter, lepipe.it

Contact Information:

Peter Klein
Søndervig Landevej 34
6950 Ringkøbing

Phone: +45 9733 7871
E-Mail: pfeifendesign@kleinpipes.de