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Martin Krämer's hobbies had been building model ships in wood and other original materials as well as mantles for lighters from different precious woods for many years when the passionate pipe smoker wanted to give himself a try as a pipemaker.

Searching for some good briar he visited a Danish pipemaker where he could watch the different steps of the process. He was gifted a stummel and back home he shaped his first pipe from that. The No. 1 has a place of honor on the shelf today.

From this humble beginning Krämer made pipes for his own use only. Little by little his enthusiasm grew along with his skills and so he invested in more professional machines and tools. Meanwhile he was supplied with briar by Bjarne in Lyngby. After selling first pipes locally he was encouraged by friendly feedback to offer them also on the www. So since 2006 some of his freehands may be found in the bay (seller *41omarli*).

Well-made and affordable pipes with good smoking characteristics. Stamping: "MK".

Martin Krämer
Arnold-Zweig-Str. 10
25524 Itzehoe (OT Wellenkamp)

Phone: +49 (0)4821 87110